Bear IQ - Actionable Insights

The analytics platform built for event organizers. With Bear IQ you have all your event intelligence at your fingertips making it easy to act and drive revenue in real-time across your event portfolio!
Actionable Data
You have all this data but what do you do with it? Bear IQ makes it easy to take action with your event marketing, sales and performance data to make a real-time impact.
Your team doesn’t need to be an analyst to use Bear IQ, the modules are built on years of customer feedback to make them super intuitive!
Centralize Your Data
Say goodbye to manual collection and Excel spreadsheets.
Effortlessly centralize and integrate all your event data with Bear IQ.  Access comprehensive metrics for marketing, sales, and strategy teams. Streamline your analytics with Bear IQ's powerful data integration.
Quick Insights into Trends
The ability to see year over year, week over week trends in real-time is key to making changes to your event strategy on the fly.
With Bear IQ you get out of the box year-over-year and week over week analytics built-in and pointed directly at your marketing, registration and sales campaigns.
Easily Find Gaps
and Opportunities
If you have limited time but a sea of information it’s hard to find the focus areas in your event data.
Bear IQ clearly identifies the areas of prospect focus that will drive conversion and revenue for your event marketing, sales and operations teams.
So everyone spends less time pulling reports and more time acting on insights.
Make Smarter Investments
Spending time and resources on marketing and event programs you aren’t sure are working?
Bear IQ showcases the true behaviors pre event, onsite and post event to give the real metrics that matter to drive the strategy for your current and future events across your entire portfolio!
Time and cost savings is just one of the values of Bear IQ!
Understand Channel Performance
Your marketing team is using a combination of email, retargeting and codes to drive their attendee acquisition campaigns. But, they don’t know what combination is having the greatest impact.
Bear IQ provides your team with the ability to see what segments of your audience is converting based on your marketing campaign data in real-time.
Making it easy to shift gears and try a different channel all based on conversion behaviors.

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