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Post-Event Reports:
Made Easy.

Is your team is bogged down wrangling multiple exports to tell your event’s story? Bear IQ’s Post-Event Reports are here to help.

Post-Event Reporting. FAST!

Answering All Your Post Event Questions

Audience Profiling
Understand your audience breakdown across registration category, demographics, timing, and more.
Geographic Diversity
Segment your audience by country, US region, state, and distance traveled. Add in multiple events to uncover location to location trending.
Attendee Loyalty
Measure a portfolio of events to turn first-timers into long-term loyalists and increase lifetime customer value.
Financial Performance
Track revenue by early-bird rates, reg categories, and audience profiles.

Data Connected from Hundreds of Data Sources

Compare Your Event Across Years and Bear IQ’s Benchmarks

With Bear IQ, understand how your event performs not only with itself, but benchmarks of shows with similar sizes, industries, and dates.
Goodbye Spreadsheets
Take back those hours wrangling data to tell your success story post-event.
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Answers FAST!
Get answers right after the show ends – and start planning for the next year more quickly than ever!
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Made to Share
Events take a village. Share insights across your whole team – from C-Suite to marketing to finance and programming.
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Context is King
Ingest historical performance and show the success trajectory of your event.
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Action Oriented
Move quickly to evolve your event’s value centers based on data.
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