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About Bear

At Bear Analytics, we empower the event industry to be more data-driven.  Our founding team of event professionals are obsessed with delivering insights powered by the data our clients are already collecting.  We, along with our clients, believe that using data intelligence leads to better events that drive innovation, connection, and growth.

A Framework for Success

At Bear Analytics, our corporate values are at the center of everything we do.  For the last 10 years, our culture has centered around listening to the customer.  Events are by nature engaging, and by listening and learning - our customers have lit our path.  

Bottom line – we love our customers ❤️.
We pride ourselves on being customer accessible – emails and that chats go to real people.  Imagine that!
Always Innovate
Our best is ALWAYS to come.  Event after 10 years we are still in the early stages of innovation! 
Be Our Best
Never settle.  Our customers are always trying to do more with less – we MUST be great for them.
Flexibility over rigidity.  Customer needs are evolving faster than ever, there’s no room for us to be status quo. 

Meet the Founders

Joe Colangelo & Eric Misic
Eric and Joe started Bear Analytics based on a friendly bet that events were fundamentally under measured (Eric won).  They’ve spent the last 10 years focused on positioning Bear Analytics as the market leader in event analytics and measurement.
Joe Colangelo
CEO | Co-Founder
Eric Misic
Vice President of Business Development | Co-Founder
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Our Advisors

Rachel Wimberly Tarsus
Rachel Wimberly
Tarsus Group US
Rachel is the EVP of Business Development for London-based Tarsus Group, a B2B trade show company with 180 events globally. She also oversees Tarsus Media as President, with brands including Trade Show News Network (TSNN).
Mary Pat Heftman
Mary Pat Heftman
MPH Solutions
Mary Pat is a high-energy, and tenaciously persistent Senior Executive at the National Restaurant Association and Winsight Media. She is committed to leading dynamic organizations and developing successful event outcomes.
Dan Cole
Dan Cole
Dan is the Founder of The Selling Rhino and carries 30+ years of professional sales and leadership experience. He is formerly the SVP, Trade Shows andExhibits for Hargrove and VP of BD for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
Sadina Montani
Sadina Montani
Crowell & Moring
Sadina is a Partner at Crowell & Moring, an international law firm representing clients in litigation and arbitration. She has a deep background in employment and financial transaction law.
Dwight Gibbs
Dwight Gibbs
Dwight is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Contraqer. He has more than 30 years' experience building technology products and running teams at Legg Mason Capital Management, Capital One, and the Motley Fool.
Sougato Das
Sougato Das
Sougato has 25+ years of executive and product management experience in biopharma IT. He has a deep background with Al/ML applications that drive insights into how the biopharma industry consumes event content.

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