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Easily export your filtered data to Bear IQ. This convenient new feature allows you to effortlessly access and manipulate your data in a familiar and powerful spreadsheet format. With just a few clicks, you can now export your valuable insights from Bear IQ directly into Excel, enabling you to dive deeper into your analytics, perform advanced calculations, and create bespoke anlayses.
Partnership Unlocks Real-Time Impact and Revolutionizes Event Decision-Making with Actionable Data
Highlights of ECEF 2023: Data Got the Keynote Treatment
Discover the highlights of ECEF 2023, as event organizers worldwide convened to learn, network, and collaborate. Delve into the insightful keynote by Fernando Fischer, who explored the paradigm shift from a traditional sales mindset to focusing on "return on expectation." Learn about the critical role data plays in measuring success and the importance of understanding exhibitors' expectations before curating event packages. Gain valuable takeaways from this groundbreaking session as we uncover the future of event management.

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