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Show off the Value of Your Event.

Exhibitors and Sponsors want to know the impact your event had on their brand. Bear IQ makes it easy to showcase a powerful data story to keep them coming back!

Exhibitor Performance Quantified

Your event sales team craves hard data to confidently sell your event’s value. Bear IQ serves up these insights quickly to reduce churn and increase upselling. Support your event success story by visualizing booth scans, product engagement measuring, and other exhibitor and sponsor-centric metrics.

Individual Exhibitor and Sponsor Reports

Individual Impact
Exhibitors and sponsors are able to transparently see event impact via personalized visitor stats, lead data and product showcase metrics.
Product Category Comparison
Measure your event footprint against an anonymized list of your demographic peers!
Lead Detail
Exhibitors and sponsors can easily view the leads they got at their event with full contact information. All ready to export into their CRM for fast follow-up!

Intelligence to the Exhibitors and Sponsors that supports your Event Success Story!

Computer Vision
Badge Tracking
Proximity Measuring
Booth Scans

Exhibitor and Sponsor Reporting to Power Event Growth

Easy Access to Leads
Exhibitors and sponsors need to know their top targets after the event to close the deal. Bear IQ provides them immediate access to their full list of leads, complete with demographics and engagement metrics, to strike while the iron is hot.
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Tailored Insights for the Sales Team
Bear IQ automatically surfaces year-over-year comparisons, engagement trends, and opportunities for exhibition and sponsorship sales.  It’s never been easier to set and hit goals by focusing on what you do best… selling.
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Shareable Intelligence
An event prospectus is not enough to retain and convert exhibitors and sponsors anymore. Bear IQ showcases all of the engagement data from your top supporters - making it easy for you to prove their brands’ ROI after the event is over.
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Automated Insights for Sales
Bear IQ gets smarter the more event sales data added to the platform. The sales team doesn’t have to put their data analyst caps on because the platform automatically surfaces the key areas of opportunity so the sales team can focus on what they do best… selling.
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Data Best Practices
Third-party validated security built on a world class cloud architecture.
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Real-Time Audience Trending
Third-party validated security built on a world class cloud architecture.
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