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Unlock Bear IQ to boost your next attendee acquisition campaign.
National Apartment Association

Supercharge Attendee Acquisition

Bear IQ events attract MORE of the RIGHT people by focusing your attendee acquisition campaigns and giving immediate feedback on which targets are and are not converting.
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Automated Insights
Historical Performance Comparison
Unified Prospects

Superpowers Unlocked!

Multi-Year Trending
Looking for the context of historical  event trending?  Bear IQ has you covered, by ingesting event data from multiple platforms across multiple years and weaving it into one cohesive data story.
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Automated Insights
Bear IQ gets smarter as you run more events- allowing for the most meaningful recommendations to grow revenue and growth.
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Predictive Analytics
Everyone is trying to do more with.  less predictive analytics empowers your decision-making by reducing doubt and focusing your team on the things that matter most.
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Marketing Attribution Tracking
Track the most successful elements of an omnichannel digital campaign allowing your team or agency to adapt what’s working as your campaign unfolds.
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Customer Profiles
Bear IQ allows for advanced targeting by filtering audiences based on a combination of behavioral and demographic criteria.
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Goodbye Dirty Data
Bear IQ has a universal data connector that allows data from all event platforms to be consistently aggregated, cleaned and enriched according to our industry-leading standards.
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How Bear IQ Boosts Audience Acquisition

Forecast performance and expected outcomes
Automated insights focus on the right thing at the right time
Understand current vs. historical audience composition – the world changes fast – be prepared.
Target the right leads at the right time.


We rely on Bear IQ to make sense of the huge amount of data generated by International Builders’ Show attendees - helping provide us with a deep understanding of our audience.
Denise Miller
VP, Event Product & Brand Marketing
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
Wow, what a company. In addition to offering an amazing product and service, they're amazing people. They genuinely care about the outcome of your work together and it's evident in their proactiveness, their willingness to adapt to your unique organizational priorities, and their commitment to evolve their own product and expertise. The world of data is intimidating, but Bear IQ makes it feel more manageable.
Paul Kissin
Director of Marketing and Web Technology National Confectionery Association
As we transition to digital and possibly hybrid events, I am confident Bear will continue to enrich our marketing approach and audience understanding.
Jeremy Figoten, CAE
ICMA (International City/County Management Association)
Director, Conferences & Sponsorships

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