Tell your data story and maximize the value of your data

Interested in sharing more of the narrative behind your industry, your initiatives, or your members?   Enhance your industry’s voice, reach, and lobbying power by crafting the story visually


Customized Data Design Enhances Your Narrative

Custom Data Storytelling shares your industry reports or market research through expertly designed data visualizations and interactive dashboards.  Educate your members, customers, and stakeholders on the latest trends in your industry.

Visuals Tailored to Your Goals
Dynamic Funtionality
Data Updated When You Want
  • Generate more interest and eyeballs on the issues that matter most

  • Data transparency to showcase the value of your efforts

  • Tailored dashboard actions to maximize usability for your audience

  • Fully customizable look and feel to keep visuals on-brand with your organization


Super Charge Your Member Value

Are your members titans of industry, nimble and innovative, or helping to solve the world's biggest problems.  Tell their story - elevate your influence - convert more non-members.

Convert More Members
Easily Share Member Successes
Demonstrate Member ROI
  • Drive more membership by demonstrating clear value

  • Own your industry or professions data story

  • Use thought leadership to attract and retain new members

Bring Your Data to Life!

Government Affairs

Competitive Intelligence

Emphasize Innovation

Bear Analytics has helped create a lean marketing plan which allows for flexibility. Using their data insights, we are able to spot trends early and identify areas of potential growth. Bear allows us to work smarter and target messages to key attendees leading up to our annual event.


Chris Bonifati, CEM

Manager, Attendee Services

American Pet Products Association (APPA)