Recap: "How Customer Intelligence Will Future Proof Your Event Portfolio"

Joseph Colangelo

We hosted a webinar in conjunction with IAEE on July 16th 2020 focused on the importance of customer intelligence as we head into the back half of the year for the trade show and event industry.

Check out the full recording of the webinar here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/7324065064217450754

The event’s industry is currently in a massive state of disruption. While disruption is uncomfortable, we’re also in a period of tremendous opportunity. In the case of event organizers, one area of opportunity is the transition to virtual.

  • The opportunity for virtual is massive, when it comes to data, customer intelligence, and audience analytics. The intra-webinar survey of 38 participants bore that out:
  • Given this opportunity – today’s event organizer must embrace data as a CURRENCY. Now more than ever, this seemingly basic personal ID data is absolutely necessary when trying to assess who your customer is – whether we’re talking about attendees, exhibitors, or sponsors. Interested in knowing what to collect – see the graphic below:
  • If you’re interested in moving towards a more customer centric value center and improve your exhibitor and sponsor ROI, then collecting data is a big part of the process. Right now, there are some strong opportunities to become better data stewards in the events industry, however the majority of organizers do not feel as if their data is at their fingertips – see what our webinar audience thinks of their data’s accessibility below.:  
  • When your data is put to work and you are able to tell the story of your virtual event experience to showcase the true return on investment (ROI) – you are differentiating yourself against your competitors. We’re heading into a time period where all travel, marketing and event related expenses are being pulled back. Similarly to the financial crisis and recovery of 2008/2009, justifying the return of post-Covid19 dollars is going to have to satisfy a higher bar of investment justification. Be an advocate for your customers and provide them the data and metrics that justify the impact of your event and your event portfolio.

For examples, check out: https://www.bearanalytics.com/exhibitionandsponsorship

Use an empathetic approach to your sponsor’s questions around engagement. A few ideas to consider when designing your reporting, try showcasing:

  1. Overall attendee engagement
  2. Duration of attendee engagement – it also works to pivot the data to showcase which sponsored elements were showcasing increased engagement against non-sponsored elements
  3. Comparative or benchmarked metrics from session to session, speaker vs. avg speakers, or track vs. track
  4. Allow the sponsor to drill down into deeper insights to understand their track performance against other tracks

Want to see what’s possible with your data – send us a quick note and we’ll put together a fast and easy plan to align your data initiatives with your customer intelligence goals. Email us at: hello@bearanalytics.com

Interested in some free virtual event content to guide strategy? – Check out our growing repository of industry best practice guides https://www.bearanalytics.com/virtual

Image sources from: https://unsplash.com/photos/VtKoSy_XzNU?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditShareLink

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