We Are Bear Analytics

And we believe that data can accelerate your business.

The Bears

Joe Colangelo

CEO, Co-Founder

Eric Misic

Vice President of Business Development, Co-Founder

Marissa Maybee

Senior Director, Engagements and Analytics

Nicholas Colangelo

Senior Data Shaper

Steve Schiraldi

Senior Manager, Data Analytics

Joe Colangelo · CEO, Co-Founder ·

Joe is a technologist at heart, focused on delivering positive user experiences through elegant design and behavioral analytics.

Prior to starting Bear Analytics, Joe was the Director of Business Development at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). At BIO, Joe was the lead strategist in charge of BIO’s One-on-One Partnering System, helping to facilitate more than 25,500 face-to-face meetings during a four-day conference.

Joe played with Legos until the age of fourteen and has yet to see a single Star Wars film.

Eric Misic · Vice President of Business Development, Co-Founder ·

Eric is a business development professional with over 12 years of trade show and large association event experience. He’s spent the better part of his career developing innovative new programs designed to engage and retain customers.

Prior to founding Bear Analytics, he was the Senior Sales Executive at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) leading the exhibition sales team to four Trade Show Week Fastest 50 awards in seven years.

Eric is ridiculous at sign language and being tall, neither of which help him play basketball.

Marissa Maybee · Senior Director, Engagements and Analytics ·

Marissa is the team’s consummate storyteller and is driven by the belief that data can tell a story—and it’s her job to make the story as insightful and engaging as possible. Before joining Bear Analytics, Marissa led the communications and outreach strategy at the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA), the largest private funder of melanoma research. Previously, she worked in industry intelligence, content marketing, and events at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO); she got her start in DC working in public relations software at Vocus Inc.

Marissa recently earned her MBA from Georgetown University and serves on the board of the Association of Women in Events (AWE). She can make a mean balloon animal and has been known to receive drop shipments of beef jerky from her butcher in Minnesota.

Nicholas Colangelo · Senior Data Shaper ·

As the team’s Data Analyst, Nick specializes in cleaning, consolidating, and analyzing large data sets. Ensuring that the data is in a great position to be taken seriously. He also holds down the team’s satellite office in Buffalo, NY. Prior to his work at Bear Analytics, Nick interned in the Alliance Development Department at Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).

Nick is diehard Bills fan who refuses to believe they will not make it back to another Super Bowl.

Steve Schiraldi · Senior Manager, Data Analytics ·

Steve has never met a data set he couldn’t analyze. He believes in the power of combining statistics with the human element to make the most informed business decisions. Prior to Bear, Steve performed membership, industry, and event analysis for the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). He graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Chemistry and Environmental Studies.

You can often find Steve sitting on his couch watching Jeopardy, hopelessly trying to buzz in before the contestants using a ball-point pen.


Our Advisors

Jack Chalden · Experienced Association and Events Executive ·

Jack Chalden has been actively engaged in the trade show industry for more than four decades. His background includes executive experience in the management of trade shows, associations and the editor and publisher of a sector magazine. He has managed nearly 200 industry trade shows including eight of the nation’s largest domestic events in seven sectors.

For the past eight years, as the industry adopts unprecedented new resources that empower events, Jack has provided advisory and product development support for many new suppliers and dozens of their event producer teams. He has served the industry on the IAEE board and committees, as President of MATSO, on three destination boards, and presently as a member of the Trade Show Executive trending board.    

In addition to being an all-round nice guy, Jack is addicted to his beautiful wife’s lasagna.

Dan Cole · Passionate Business Development Strategist ·

From 1995-2014, Dan Cole served as Vice President of Business Development for the International CES and the organization that produces it, the Consumer Electronics Association. He’s held various other sales related leadership positions over his 25 year professional career, including the position he currently holds as Senior Vice Preseident of Trade Shows and Exhibits for Hargrove Inc.  

Dan began his tenure in the trade show industry in 1992 as a National Accounts Manager for National Trade Productions. Since that time, he’s won numerous awards including  IAEE’s most outstanding sales and marketing executive, the International Business Awards most outstanding sales executive, recognized by Dealerscope Magazine’s “40 under 40”, and by EXPO Magazine as an “Expo Elite.” Dan is highly sought after writer, speaker and sales trainer in the trade show industry.

While Dan and his wife have four beautiful children, his wife Rachel counts Dan as her fifth.

Leigh George, Ph.D. · Branding Specialist and Social Visionary ·

Leigh is the founder of Freedom, a strategic branding and marketing firm that believes marketers don’t just own the brand—they own the entire customer experience. Her firm clears the way for innovation by eliminating the noise so marketers can act smarter and faster.

Before launching her own company, Leigh led branding and content marketing at a health non-profit and was VP in Ogilvy’s social@Ogilvy practice, where she led branding, digital and social strategy for public and private sector clients that included Enroll America, FDA, HelpMeSee, the White House Historical Association and Five Guys. Prior to Ogilvy, Leigh led branding and digital strategy teams at several leading digital agencies in the DC area, working with clients such as Biotechnology Industry Organization, COPD Foundation, Salsa, Hershey, Loyola University Maryland, Parature and U.S. Department of Education.

Leigh has a Ph.D. in branding history and theory from Binghamton University and is a highly sought after speaker on branding and digital marketing. Recent engagements include South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive and the Girl Scouts National Convention.

Leigh is known for her love of towering heels and Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses.

Kevin Whorton · Seasoned Association Executive & Data Maven ·

Kevin Whorton has 30 years of experience as an association executive and researcher in the association/non-profit community. His background includes senior management roles with large associations in construction, pharmacy, and retail.  He has served as the head of fundraising for one of the largest charities in the US and as the account director for the largest DM agency serving associations. As a consultant, he conducted more than 300 quantitative/qualitative studies for associations.

Kevin was an early adopter of data-driven decision making in his management roles and presented frequently on in national conferences. He has served more than 20 terms as a volunteer for ASAE, DMA Nonprofit Federation, and other national associations for non-profits and was a well-respected speaker for many years on data analysis, pricing, and direct marketing topics.

Kevin has no family or hobbies to speak of, unless you include an affinity for the internet or fine spirits.