Data Is a beautiful thing

We work with associations, professional societies, and event organizers to make their data ridiculously actionable.

Turning Data into Insights.

Data Hygienics

We take your data – no matter where it comes from – clean it and make it ready to analyze.


Using your polished data, we discover a strategy that addresses customer opportunities and insights.


We transform our findings into sleek visuals and dashboards that power immediate action.

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Actionable Data

Used real-time behavioral data analytics to drive their marketing campaign, resulting in a 14% jump in buyer attendance over two years.

Segmented over 600,000 attendee records into unique personas for actionable event marketing.

Grew annual conference attendance by 7% year-over-year through focusing on geographic event churn.

A Few of Our Amazing Clients

Want to get started with data analysis, but don’t know where to begin?

Let’s work together to make your data streamlined and actionable.

“I have handed the team at Bear Analytics some of my most difficult and intellectually demanding challenges. Each and every time, they have come through with innovative approaches to solving CTA’s toughest data problems.”
Jack Cutts, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
"The team at Bear Analytics helped us understand our attendee personas at a more granular level using the data that we were already collecting for our event. We look forward to using their insights to drive more targeted marketing and to improve our registration conversion rates."
Michelle Kelly, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
"The Bear Analytics team are a group of seasoned professionals who really know the business side of trade shows and registrations - and most importantly - they know how to explain the 'back-end' of your registration data to you in terms that you can understand and use to grow your show."
Jeremy Figoten, National Apartment Association (NAA)
"Our goal as an organization is to incorporate business analytics more into our operations and decision making. This requires changes in behavior AND a good tool. Bear Analytics helped us tackle both of these areas, by introducing us to Tableau and partnering with us to develop an initial set of reports to rollout to our leadership team. The team members at Bear Analytics worked hard to understand our business and how we operate, and used that information to develop reports that were meaningful and relevant to CAI. We’ve just introduced Tableau and the reports to our leadership team, and I am already seeing engagement and enthusiasm. Without partnering with Bear Analytics, I know we wouldn’t be this far this fast. I highly recommend their team!"
Nicole Hendren, Capital Associated Industries (CAI)