The Power of Virtual Event Data: A Recap from PIVOT

I had the privilege of speaking as part of the PIVOT Virtual Summit event put on by Liz King Caruso (

The discussion was focused on the value of virtual event data and its potential moving forward. During the session I walked through this clients particular scenario and pulled out a few nuggets around early best practices in data collection, metric development, and findings.

Today’s event organizer are tasked with operating in an unfamiliar technology and software environment with a changing business model, event offering, and price point. Despite all those challenges, high quality and immersive online and virtual experiences are connecting the industries and professions they represent. The result of these digital connections, knowledge share, and engagement is the data these virtual platforms are generating.

Check out the video here:

Grab the slides here:

Virtual Event Data_BearAnalytics_Pivot20
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Here’s Bear’s list of Virtual Event Data Do’s:

  1. Do collect as much reasonable data as possible during the registration process

  2. Do ask for a sample export of the reporting output during your technology demo with the virtual provider

  3. Do think about what your audience engagement looks like

  4. Do have a plan for reaching out to 2020 virtual first-timers for 2021 or your next event

Here’s our list of Virtual Event Data Don’ts:

  1. Don’t limit data at registration because your worried about abandonment

  2. Don’t keep your existing registration categories from Face to Face events

  3. Don’t keep all your content hidden

  4. Don’t assume your loyal base will adopt virtual

Want to know the difference between Virtual and Face-to-face Event Data:

Interested in a conversation about the potential of your virtual event data? Feel free to reach out to Bear directly at Look forward to hearing from you!