Recap: Virtual Lunch in the Exhibit Marketers Café - Bringing Data to Life

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

This past week, Marissa Maybee and Eric Misic from the Bear Analytics team joined Marlys Arnold in the Exhibit Marketers Café on the topic of Bringing Data to Life. They shared insights from the recently published TSNN Top 250 Dashboard and also discussed how to use data in this new virtual event world.

Top takeaways from the discussion were:

  1. The TSNN Top 250 Dashboard tracks six years of TSNN’s data and allows users to explore specific cities, search for their specific show or a show title keyword such as “food”, and compare shows against others in their sector.

  2. Virtual events provide a richness of data that allows for show organizers to understand their customers’ behaviors like never before.

  3. In order to make the data actionable, virtual event organizers need to make sure they are getting the individual interaction data from their virtual event providers, not just rolled up reports or vanity metrics.

  4. It is important to be transparent with your sponsors and exhibitors and to provide them real metrics and benchmarks to set expectations and inform the virtual ROI discussion!

  5. Make sure you know your board’s or leadership’s expectations from the virtual event to ensure the right data is being collected by the virtual technology provider to tell the story and demonstrate the event’s success post-event.

Enjoy the video!