Learn How IAEE Grew Key Buyer Attendance at EXPO! EXPO! by 18%


There's more event data than ever, but is it working for you? 

Bear Analytics was built to grow audience attendance organically by targeting the right people at the right time.  

Our team and our technology position our clients to make the most of their data - ensuring it is clean, enriched, and ready for analysis and your marketing campaign.

We offer a wide range of Analytics Services to meet your organization's needs ranging from audience engagement to sales analytics. To Learn More about these services, please contact us to set up a free product demo. 







Top Organizations Trust the Bear Team


How does Bear get the data?

Your data is your data. We go directly to the source, whether it’s your registration vendor, IT department, or marketing firm. Bear always receives that information via a secure direct link, and never over email. And we put together a concise data request to ensure all parties understand what information is required for the analysis.

How do we get our data back once the project is over?

Before the project is over, we’ll have had a few conversations about how you’d like to take action on your data. Once we compile the agreed-on SMART Lists, we structure and format your data so it can be consumed by your AMS, marketing teams, and/or your marketing automation software.

Can you present the project findings to our board of directors or committee?

Yes. We have presented to boards, executive committees, steering committees, and the like. The good news is that you don’t have to make that decision now. Nearly all of our clients wait to see the results of the analysis before determining who they should share the findings with.

How much time/effort does my team have to put in?

We get it; you’re busy. We used to run events as well and understand the premium placed on your time, particularly when you’re in “show mode” leading up to a big event. That’s why we’ve designed our process to emphasize key check-in points for information and knowledge transfer, starting with the Discovery Session.

Do I need to do this every year?

Just like your audience, your event changes every year. Unlike with your post-event survey, it does not pay to ask the same questions every year. We advise that you do not conduct the same analysis in year 2 as you did in year 1. Each analysis should focus on and emphasize those areas where future insights and strategy will generate an impact on your next event.

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