Analytics to improve your event's largest revenue center

Exhibitor behavior and loyalty segmentation to drive next year’s sales

Provide your exhibition and sponsorship sales teams with the tools they need to boost sales. Answer exhibitor questions and justify ROI with data-driven intelligence using Bear’s custom reporting and metrics.

Exhibitor  Churn Analysis
Sponsor & Exhibitor Metrics Together
Exhibitor Performance Visualized
  • Power your sales team with intelligence focused on improving conversions, up-sells, and reducing abandonment

  • Custom cohort analysis showcases unique ways to target purchasing segments

  • Sales timing reports takes pacing to the next level to stay ahead of goals

Exhibition Engagement Dashboard– your guide to trends in onsite traffic and exhibitor ROI

Exhibitors and sponsors are asking tougher and tougher questions to justify their spend at your show. Your sales team needs intelligence and tools to prove ROI.


Your sales team wants to make data-driven sales by knowing who to target and when to upsell customers.

Historical Trend Analysis
Elegant Exhibitor Specific Reports
  • Interactive dashboards allow you to compare exhibitor and sponsor performance instantly

  • Quickly compare industry segments based on lead performance

  • Target exhibitors based on actual onsite ROI 

Interactive Tools that clearly demostrate exhibition and sponsorship ROI!

Company Cohort Benchmarks

Education & Program Engagement Reporting

The relevant and exciting education is the cornerstone of most events. However, understanding education sessions performance is often a black box.  Education & Program Engagement Reporting uses scan or beacon data to tell the story of your attendees' education experience, engagement, and your program performance.

Session and Track Performance
Assess Engagement in Sessions
Program ROI for Sponsors
  • Identify which audience segments attend which session or tracks

  • Understand audience dwell patterns to optimize education schedules and session format

  • Discover which attendee types are more likely to pay for premium education offerings


We started working with Bear Analytics because we believed there was a real opportunity to leverage our customer data to grow the attendance at our annual event.


The level of actionable intelligence Bear was able to provide us early on in the engagement shined a light on immediate areas of attendee growth to focus on. It’s a data discovery that requires expertise outside typical association resources. We look forward to our continued use of Bear Analytics’ solutions to drive our customer intelligence and marketing direction in the coming years.


Dr. Brad Williams

Director of Marketing 


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