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Bear IQ is the event and exhibition's industry leading Insight-as-a-Service (ISaaS) provider of data analytics and intelligence based on virtual event data.  The systems consumes virtual event data from providers, enhances it with a portfolio of proprietary algorithms, and displays it in a uniquely interactive and relatable context to provide event organizers unparoled insights into their audience experiences.

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A more detailed overview of Bear IQs API Documentation, download below:

Event Organizers

As event marketers and professionals use virtual and hybrid event experiences to reimagine their events, we’re focused on putting our clients in the best position to leverage this new opportunity with digital engagement data.

The challenges presented by Covid-19 have upended business as usual.  As event organizers face new questions around event marketing, execution, and future proofing their event revenues.

  • Who is my new target audience?

  • Which past attendee is most likely to convert to virtual?

  • How much virtual engagement did we see?

  • What questions should I be asking at registration?

  • How can my virtual event power a hybrid event next year?

  • What should I price my event at?

Virtual Event Analytics: Unprecedented times call for innovative answers.

Our Virtual Event Analytics Reporting cuts through the data noise to get you focused on your customer's engagement, value centers, and experience.


We surface the metrics that tell the story of organizational and individual ROI.  Get ahead of the competition for attention by knowing which content worked, which sessions were a hit, and who is coming back next year.

Exportable reporting
Fast and dynamic data access 
Data cleaned and enriched
  • Integrates with your virtual platform of choice

  • Match up your virtual audience against your face-to-face event database

  • Easy access your data for marketing

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Hybrid Event Solutions: Marrying your face-to-face enagement with its virtual offering

While 2020 is the year for virtual, your event portfolio is likely going to be a combination of face-to-face engagement and virtual offerings going forward.

Understanding which part of your audience will engagement across which medium and how that translates into meaningful revenue is a data driven exercise.

Revenue churn and forecasting
Audience Segmentation
One audience universe
  • Track engagement and ROI centers

  • Customer intelligence on the attendee and exhibitor level

  • Understand behaviors in and around your sessions and program elements

Virtual Materials

As more and more virtual data is generated and the industry better understands benchmarks, best practices, and what is working - we are poised to share this crowd sourced knowledge.

Bear Analytics Virtual Engagement Analysis

Bear Analytics Virtual Engagement Analysis

Know what happened at your virtual event.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Event Organizer's Guide to Hybrid/Virtual Event Strategy

Virtual Event Leadership Tactics

Virtual Event Leadership Tactics

Leadership Tactics to Successfully Pivot to a Virtual/Hybrid Event

Expand Your Events Reach For Virtual

Expand Your Events Reach For Virtual

Three Ways to Leverage Data to Expand Your Virtual Event's Reach

Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Event

Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Event

Getting the Most out of Your Virtual Event Data

Virtual Events Blueprint

Virtual Events Blueprint

Your Guide for Virtual Events Platform Selection

Bear Analytics has been a true partner to the AAPEX Show and Team. Their professional & knowledgeable staff of event analysts make complex audience data easy to manage, understand, and execute on.


We rely on their experience working with other shows and industries to help our team set smart goals and benchmarks. Their interactive audience dashboards are easy to navigate and allow for real-time updates in between the regular scheduled summary meetings with a dedicated analyst.


All in all, our team is comforted in knowing that Bear is looking out for our best interests and will do everything they can to help us succeed.


Liz Goad

Director, Events & Meetings

Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association, AAPEX