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Bear IQ is leading the event revolution by powering data-driven engagement, collaboration, and innovation.


Bear IQ: The Answer Engine for the Future of Events

Bear IQ is a next-generation event intelligence platform that transforms event data into automated metrics, responsive visuals, and strategic insights.  Uncover the meaningful engagement centers of your event and track key performance indicators across your audience, content, and exhibitors and sponsors. 

With Bear IQ, you can adopt a data-driven strategy for your next event—no lengthy tech hurdles, costly integrations, or intensive training needed!

Answers for Your Complete Event Cycle

Post - Event Evaluation 

What Happened & What Does It Mean?

Quickly and easily understand and share your event’s performance stats across topline, audience, content, and exhibitors/sponsors.

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Event Agility Phase

How Can We Improve...Faster!

Explore audience trends as registration rolls out and adopt a data-driven agile marketing strategy for your next event.

Event Planning Phase

What Do We Do Next Year?

Dive deep into audience engagement and content performance to understand what resonated and what is ripe for strategic change.

Intuitive Metrics and Insights at Your Fingertips

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Overall Event Performance

Understand the topline performance before, during, and post-show. Interactive charts and graphs let you drill down to answer even the most nuanced data questions.

Audience Intelligence

Analyze the demographic and behavioral makeup of your audience including trends in demographics, overall event engagement, and content consumption.

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Session & Content Analytics

Analyze the performance of each session, track, or content type based on audience interactions. Look at overall averages or drill into session and audience make-up.

Exhibitor & Sponsor ROI

Tell the story of the event from each exhibitor’s perspective including their overall engagements, performance vs. event averages, and deep dives into the demographics of their leads.

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