Event Engagement Quantified.

Bear IQ is leading the event revolution by powering data-driven engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

Bear IQ: Insights Delivered.

Bear IQ harnesses the power of a platform-specific data model to generate meaningful insights and benchmarks for data-driven virtual event platforms.  Designed with today's event organizer in mind, Bear IQ showcases the ROI of content, exhibition, and sponsor engagement


From Zero to Analytics: FAST

Implement Bear IQ with only a few hours of your virtual event platform’s developer time

360 Engagement Quantified

Understand how different segments of the audience are engaging with all aspects of an event

Visualize Exhibitor ROI

Showcase key performance metrics and leads for exhibitors and sponsors in the evolving event environment

Event Specific KPIs

Benefit from meaningful KPIs designed by data-savvy event professionals for event professionals

Improved Client Retention

Differentiate your virtual event platform  from the competition by embedding the elegant and intuitive Bear IQ suite

Save Money

Save money and resources by deploying Bear IQ across multiple events with one integration

Intuitive Metrics and Insights at Your Fingertips

Visualized Event KPIs

Interact with charts and graphs that make it easy to understand event performance, drill down, and answer numerous event performance questions.

Audience Intelligence

Segment by demographics or other key areas to understand how audience sectors are performing across measures of engagement

Session & Content Performance

Dive into session and track performance to see which content is resonating with the audience

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Bear IQ Brochure

Partnership Pricing

API Guide

Learn more about Bear IQ and our platform revenue share model.

Resource for technical teams interested in integrating and scaling with Bear IQ.

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Exhibitor & Sponsor Engagement

Share exhibitor engagement benchmarks and personalized engagement and lead reports post-show.

See How Easily Bear IQ Can Be Embedded Into Your Event Tech Solution

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