Unparalleled Understanding of Your Audience

The Bear Audience Database is your singular source of consolidated and cleaned organizational data.

We put your customer data at your fingertips - imagine that! The Audience Database provides your marketing, sales, and executive teams with easy access to your full customer data set. 

Enhanced Individual Records
Specialized Event Data Tech
Data Built for Personalized Marketing
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Data Mapping
Data Mapping

Metrics Development
Metrics Development

Data Mapping
Data Mapping

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  • Unify multiple sources of data - including registration, membership, and onsite engagement data - accessible via a user friendly interface

  • Records are enriched and enhanced with marketers in mind

  • Your data accessible 24/7

  • Custom tags allow for data slicing and dicing for each targeted segment - all 100% exportable for your marketing stack

Measure your event’s performance and understand your audience with Audience Heartbeat.

Unrivaled audience intelligence, backed by more than 120 behavioral metrics provides a road map for data-driven decisions.  Use the industry's most robust analytical engine to ultra personalize and target your marketing and messaging.

120+ Behavioral Metrics
Persona Development
Custom Analysis Tailored to You
  • Benchmark your event's performance against other Bear clients

  • Understand fundamental audience behaviors, such as retention, first-timer performance and conversion timing

  • Tailored analytical solutions to support your team annually

Regional Breakdown
Regional Breakdown

Verification and Validation
Verification and Validation

Geography Lookup
Geography Lookup

Regional Breakdown
Regional Breakdown


Presentations Where the Data Tells The Story. Built for Senior Teams & Executive Boards

Audience Pulse: The most advanced audience performance tracking system 


Bear's Audience Pulse solution provides live customer intelligence reporting and registration trends throughout the duration of your event cycle. Maximize your marketing campaign's agilely by knowing exactly which segments are over and under performing.  All available via an elegant dashboard system!

10+ Custom Tailored Dashboards
Warmest Leads Tagged for Marketing
Dedicated Analyst 
  • Data is updated daily via integration with Audience Database and your registration provider.

  • Predictive forecasting algorithm guides your acquisition goals weekly

  • Insights report provided by a your analyst when you are your most busy

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Working with Bear Analytics has been a great experience. Bear's analysis allowed us to look at our event from new angles, ask tough questions, and make decisions with confidence. Tying together our past attendee data with our AMS and marketing prospects has reduced the time it takes to create cleaned, segmented marketing lists from hours to a few minutes. It's allowed us to take an agile approach to marketing and it's an asset I couldn't imagine our team living without.


Jeremy Figoten

Director, Conferences & Sponsorship

ICMA (International City/County Management Association)