Fact: We are fortunate. 

As we round out our fourth month at Bear Analytics, the team here is thankful for the abundance of help and support we have received from our friends and family. Without it, we would have probably gone with the name, Data River Partners.

Not kidding.

When we first formed the concept for Bear Analytics in our heads, it was early June. The idea was rough and hardly what we’d call “sculpted”, but Eric was adamant that we had something. As the offering began to become more apparent, we still struggled with one critical factor.

What to call it.

We had a few ideas in which we tried to incorporate the word data. This way people would understand what we do right away. The problem was that the names were just not exciting or catchy.

What did not make the cut:

Data River Partners

ShyBear Consulting

Data Stream Consulting

and Bare Analytics…

So, why the Bear?

Our friends are smarter than we are.

Collectively we started to brainstorm the imagery around the concept and experience of data. We knew that data could be a powerful tool, but it was also something that people tended to be a bit intimidated by. 

But what it comes down to, is that data is very much like a bear…

…it’s big and powerful…

…it can move quickly and with little regard for those around it…

…sometimes your data is hibernating. Laying around waiting to be awakened….

…data can be scary when we poke at it… (We don’t often want to poke at things which we find scary)

The final decision came at the end of June, when we were fortunate enough to speak with the ever charming and always smart, Leigh George (@leighgeorge). Leigh of course asked us about our strategy behind “Bare” and how it ties into the imagery of a bear. Needless to say, our response didn’t cut the mustard.

By the end of lunch we became Bear Analytics.  Good thing we planned ahead and were in a position to buy the domain for

We are so thankful for all those who have helped us over the last four months, including our advisory board, friends and family.

In 2014, we’ll be launching something special to show our appreciation for these behind the scenes geniuses. Stay tuned.

– Joe


**Image by Paul Anderson