Kevin Whorton has 30 years of experience as an association executive and researcher in the association/non-profit community. His background includes senior management roles with large associations in construction, pharmacy, and retail.  He has served as the head of fundraising for one of the largest charities in the US and as the account director for the largest DM agency serving associations. As a consultant, he conducted more than 300 quantitative/qualitative studies for associations.

Kevin was an early adopter of data-driven decision making in his management roles and presented frequently on in national conferences. He has served more than 20 terms as a volunteer for ASAE, DMA Nonprofit Federation, and other national associations for non-profits and was a well-respected speaker for many years on data analysis, pricing, and direct marketing topics.

Kevin has no family or hobbies to speak of, unless you include an affinity for the internet or fine spirits.