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Bear developed proprietary technology to clean and analyze your data so you can focus on telling the story.

The Bear Difference
If you are looking to increase member engagement, grow event revenue or enhance your team’s business intelligence and reporting, Bear can help.

Some of our Most Popular Services

Event Analytics

Who keeps coming back? Understand the factors that truly move your event like attendee retention, company loyalty, your Most-Valuable Customers (MVCs) and more.

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Marketing made more effective. Insight into customer behaviors, interactions and loyalty will help you segment your audience and send messages that resonate.

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Membership Engagement

Become an expert in your membership data. You will learn what drives engagement across events and education and you will see attendance numbers grow.

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Need dynamic dashboards? Bear has your back. See your data transformed into sleek and intuitive visuals that are ready to share with your team and leadership.

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Our Process

Data Hygienics



We take your data – no matter where it comes from – clean it and make it ready to analyze.

Using your polished data, we discover a strategy that addresses customer opportunities and insights.

We transform our findings into sleek visuals and dashboards that power immediate action.

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We will chat about your organizational data.

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Together we create a plan on how data intelligence will benefit your association.

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We’ll deliver targeted insight that will leave you wanting more.

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Data Security

Bear Analytics takes client data security seriously. We encourage our clients to follow a strict set of protocols when sending and receiving data from Bear Analytics. This includes using secure data transfer links, utilizing an industry-leading cloud storage vendor, and never passing sensitive information across email.  We never share client data with our partners or other data providers. Your data…is your data. It’s in good paws!

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