Fast Company Magazine (@fastcompany)​ posted an interesting read about a new product on the market called The Spotter (invented by Denny 2020). A result of a partnership with GE (@generalelectric) and Quirky (@Quirky), The Spotter is bringing people one step closer to the connected home.

Gone are the days of thermostats and having to be at home to control it, the smart phone is now at the center of our social, physical and business universes.

The Spotter is a simple white disc, resembling a round bar of soap from an upscale hotel. It is loaded with sensors designed to measure all sorts of things


And you can bet the list of applications is going to grow.

So why does it matter?

  1. Data availability – the creation of tools to collection information that was previously uncultured.

  2. Data fidelity – standardized and regulated data sources providing reliable streams of information that can be relied on.

  3. Understanding – the application of learning to new and reliable information sources. 

The Spotter is an example of a new technology that is allow the capture of information through a simple and useful tool. Associations should take notice, because as technology becomes more pervasive with its members, attendees, and constituents; new data streams are going to be made available that are going to provide insights into how and why customers use an association. 

Making the most of these tools and channels is going to play a critical role in retention and personalization of services in the future. 





*original article by Margaret Rhodes (@callme_marge)

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