As a start-up company, getting distribution early and often is key.

At Bear Analytics we started with Facebook, which allowed us to see some traction with friends and family, which was great for word of mouth.

But, we needed more eyeballs and meaningful conversations — enter Twitter.

How can you have a meaningful conversation in 140 characters or less? 

It starts with finding the right channel and conversations. Finding the right #hashtags which will lead you to the right topics for your start-up business or ahem… association or event.

Since we work with associations and event producers, we naturally used twitter to find relevant posts and conversations between these association professional (#assnprofs) and event professionals (#eventprofs). In fact, we started engaging regularly during scheduled twitter chats.

A couple we participate in weekly are :

#ExpoChat —produced by @TraciBrowne,(Traci Browne) @theexpogroup (Dana Freker Doody) and @stephselesnick, (Stephanie Selesnick, CEM)

#AssnChat-hosted by hosted by KiKi L’Italien (@kikilitalien).

What has been the result?

Great conversation on the tweetchats, which has turned into conversations offline with potential partners, clients, interviews, articles in the making, blog posts and the list goes on.

The social road is long and many conversations can be had along the way, as long as you know where they are and how to find them.

Why not use twitter to find the context…

…on conversations for your upcoming membership initiative?


…to build programming content for your next event?


…to find out what millennials are saying around your member companies and industry news?

Follow the social-brick road…because, because, because…you can’t afford not to.



**Image credit krosseel