Raise your hand if you believe that improving on your event is directly related to an increase in attendance and exhibitors? I think we all believe it to a certain extent. If the event is growing, something is working.

When it comes to setting up your event, your community is the ultimate marketing pitch.

According to Eric Ly (@ericly​), the CEO of @Presdo in a recent webinar hosted by @SignUp4, increasing your attendance is linked to successful event communities. He thinks that social channels are more effective at increasing attendance than other, more traditional forms, of event marketing.

If you want to create community engagement, you must deliver the content and facilitate the interaction with attendees and exhibitors. It is a complete cycle that improves with repetition.

How does increasing your attendance benefit your organization? It’s not only about the financials. A more diverse user group will facilitate a more robust ecosystem for your members and overall marketplace.

Try these three easy steps:

1.  Outreach via Social Media 

Your current and future members and attendees are already engaging on social in some way, shape, or form. Do you know who, or how they are engaging? The power of social is that you can just “listen” in.

2.  Create Your Own Community

Something that might be more vital for creating a larger event community would be to have your own event app or member community app. An app can house everything that you need for your event community. Most provide capabilities to showcase the following:

event content

meeting scheduler

private messaging

and attendee profile information

Apps can be an incentive for your attendees to spread the word and help increase your events distribution and attendance. You can use your apps to generate content about the event and as a functioning networking tool for those unable to network with everyone they had hoped.

3.  Identify Your Influencers

Every community has a set of leaders and followers. Identifying these individuals can lead to more meaningful engagement with the community. It allows you, the community(event) organizer to gain an insightful heartbeat into what content is resonating in the community, and who are the voices driving engagement.

Encourage your physical audience to continue the discussion post event in a community – either formal or otherwise. This will help with distribution as well as a means to incentivize those who did not attend this year to attend the next year.


Photos by Clarita