Did you enjoy playing with legos as a kid? (I did until I was 14)

Then you’re going to love the events industry.

Legos come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and capabilities. I started by dumping out my lego set and just starting to build. That’s exactly what happens all over the country’s various convention & conference centers, weekly. Entire industries and their companies gather together to better themselves and push towards that one elusive goal: progress.

Progress – that means a great many things. At BIO, it meant bringing therapies to patients. Cures – it was about saving lives. Sometimes progress was slow, but it was progress nonetheless.

All events have the building blocks that pursue progress. Being at the center of that activity is a noble and exciting endeavor. That is exactly why the lego analogy makes sense when describing an association and their events, watching an entire industry move together over the course of a few days building progress together, block by block. 

Cool isn’t the word to describe it. Awesome…now that’s getting a little closer.

So what was driving the energy, the excitement, and the promise of progress? It was one simple thought, yet not immediately definable element. Associations are the hub of all things policy, economics, and business – often times internationally. Associations are not just the face of the industries they represent, but the heartbeat of innovation that happens around their events. They represent the new, the fun, and the established.

Spread out your innovation “blocks” surrounding your association’s companies, startups, and new product verticals. These are the blocks at the bottom of the lego bin, dig deep and build progress at your events.

– Joe

**image by lemort