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Show data can come from your past events or purchased databases. The trick to leveraging all of that information is developing a strategy, according to Joe Colangelo, founder and CEO of Bear Analytics.

”We get a lot of interest in marketing data. One way to augment this is by using the information you have—the transactional data,” he says.

Transactional data is the information collected related to something (an action) that happened. For registration, that can encompass anything from the number of attendees per company and fees for registration to the method (online, email, phone, etc.) and timeframe (early or late registration).

Colangelo suggests looking for one of the four following trends:

  • Companies that came for one, two or three years
  • Any increase or decrease in attendance
  • Different kinds of participation—booth space, sponsorships, presentations, etc.
  • Changes in participation

From that information it will be possible to determine interest in the event and level of involvement. Then you can categorize companies in order to target the most effective kind and frequency of contact.

”Let’s say you had a company come in 2009 and they never sent anyone after. Maybe the company no longer exists. Maybe they’re not into your product offering,” Colangelo says. “Don’t send them the $5 program in the mail. Create a specific e-mail campaign for all the companies that fall into that bucket, promoting different aspects of the show. Clearly, what you’re doing now isn’t resonating.”

For those companies that are either highly engaged or look like they’re about to leave the show, there are ways to use the data to improve their experience.

Engaged: Consolidate registration, booth sign-up and sponsorship commitments into a single process, or offer a free admission for early re-up.

Disengaging: Colangelo suggests having the sales team call the primary contact to ask, “Is everything OK?” Find out what it will take to keep them from leaving.

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